Sail EFB 70Ah 660CCA Q85 115D23L Car Battery

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Sail EFB 70Ah 660CCA Q85 115D23L Car Battery

  • $150

These enhanced flooded batteries last longer, have improved charge acceptance and are suitable for providing reliable electrical flow to higher powered vehicles. They are produced using patented DuraLife technology and have a longer lifespan and improved efficiency. 


  • These batteries hold a higher charge of about 130 per cent as compared to a normal flooded battery.
  • They have a lifetime which is more than double that of normal flooded batteries as they can start more than 85000 times as compared to the average 30000 times of normal flooded batteries. 
  • They have start-stop functionality which will save fuel when the car is idling and will also produce fewer greenhouse gases.
  • The battery provides an extra burst of energy when the vehicle is started.
  • The battery is more durable and has a sturdy construction.
  • The battery requires no maintenance and is sealed shut to prevent dangerous leaks.  

**Brand new battery with 1-year warranty for Petrol Engine

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Width:   172
Capacity:   70Ah
Ah:   660A
Length:   229
Height:   222
Battery Size:   D23L
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